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In order to identify and highlight the country’s research output related to women’s issues. The
CWDS Library Library has created an online bibliographical database of Doctoral Theses submitted to Indian universities/ institutes. The entries are covered from 1991 onwards and currently it has over 4,000 records collected from various reliable sources such as University News, Vidyanidhi Database, Mahatma Gandhi University database, University of Delhi, UGC’s INFLIBNET and Individual University Libraries.    

It is hoped that the Theses database would useful to prospective Ph.D scholars in identifying their research topics, gaps in research issues and help in avoiding duplication. A feedback from the scholar community will be appreciated.

The database provides Quick Search by any of the following points:
     a. Title
     b. Creator - The Author [e.g. Srivastava, Mamta]
     c. Guide [e.g. Kakkar, Ranjana]
     d. Institution
     e. Year
     f. Subject
     g.  Keyword(s)
     h. Geographical Area

In many places where the year was not available in the original source, a tentative year of publications has been provided within the square bracket. e.g. [2009].


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